Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Baby Boys on their way for Christmas

Sorry, not the best of pictures.

We know of two baby boys who on on their way for the Christmas Season!!!

I found this really cute fabric by Moda called "Little Rascals" and loved it.  So not the traditional baby blue..but still very very cute, and, I was able to get both quilts made out of the same fabric.

Fabric and pattern by Moda
Pieced by Pam O.
Quilted by Terri Ayala on her Long Arm

Nicole received her quilt on 12/2/2011 for her new baby boy (1st child)
Connie will get her quilt this week for her new baby boy (2nd child)

Congratulations to you both!!!
Pam O.

Monday, December 5, 2011

For Kathy...

My Dearest Kathy,
As you know I am a quilter, it’s a hobby that I love to doing.  For the past few years, I pick a the person I have been thinking of and who has been in my prayers throughout the year and make them a quilt for Christmas.  It’s what I call,  “MY SPECIAL QUILT to a VERY SPECIAL PERSON”.
As we would sit in the warm sun at the summer concerts, I loved our long conversations and our time together.  To me, you are such a loving and caring person who loves her family and friends very much.  I continue to be amazed at your courage and strength in dealing with your illness.  You are such a SPECIAL PERSON so I wanted you to have this VERY SPECIAL QUILT.
Quilts are just BIG hugs, so a BIG hug to you this Christmas Season and for the New Year.
Merry Christmas with all my love and friendship,

Quilt was given to Kathy on Saturday 12/3/2011
Quilt was made this last August at a Two Wacky Woman Retreat in Laguna, CA.
Pattern by Lynn Brown

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Quilt a-long continues...

I completed two more blocks from the Celebrating Christmas Quilt a-long.

The top block is block 7 designed by Jessie Kurtz.

The bottom bock is block 6 designed by Barbara Raisbeck.

Keep on Quilting,
Pam O.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One more thing off my 2011 UFO list

Cup of Tea for You!
This was just one more thing off my 2011 UFO list, the blue table cloth.

Started in 2010, kinda of copied a pattern my friend had bought. The printed squares are printed dish towels.  I used the other end of the towels and cut squares the same size and did some embroidery on them, added some borders and wa la a blue tablecloth.  Reminded me of something my grandmother would use on her table.

Not sure the picture is doing it justice, it really did turn out cute.  I named it "Cup of Tea for You".

Have a few more, well a lot more, to take off my UFO list.....but it sure feels good when they are done.

Keep on Quilting
Pam O.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I DO NOT like smudges..

This was just a quick project I did for myself a few months back, I'm one that does not like smudges on my iPhone.

You can get towels for window/mirrors in the auto section of any store, I think it was three towels per package and with each towel you can make three little pouches.

I know there are all kinds of great cases out there...but this works for me.  They wash up great and protect the phone in my purse and they work great on my eye glasses too.

I gave some to the grand kids for their iPods , they love them.

Keep on quilting,
Pam O.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I need to practice practice practice......

Yesterday I took a Feathers Class from Frances Moore.  There were seven people in the class and there is always one that is a bit more challenged than others, that would be me.

I did ask Frances if she has ever taught a person that was just not meant to do feathers.....she said NO, it just takes PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.  Sooooo that's what I'm going to do, but may be a while before I'm ready to put them on a quilt.

Frances is the BEST teacher ever, she has the patience of an angel.  If you ever have the opportunity to take one of her classes, TAKE IT.  I really look forward to more classes from her, I may do a little better on some of her other designs.  Love ya Frances!!

Back to practicing.
Keep on quilting,
Pam O.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sister's doing what they like best....

I went out to my sister's house for a few days.  We wanted to spend some time together, her working on her craft of pottery and I working on some quilting projects

I wanted to show you what she is working on; Patti is getting ready to do a BIG show next year and has to have 300 pieces ready to go.  She is now working on these little vases with petite little handles.  I just love them.

I worked on Christmas can't show you what I accomplished this week but really like how things are turning out.  More to follow on that for sure.

I love spending time with my sister!!!
Keep on quilting,
Pam O.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Give-a-Way from Norway

My friend Marit in Norway is having a give-a-way (click here).

She has had over 50,000 visits to her blog and I can see why. Marit is a beautiful knitter, she posts pictures of her beautiful countryside, and the pretty sewing projects she manages to get in when she has time.

Look at these two sewing projects she has for her give away and just in time for the fall.

What a way to celebrate Marit and congratulations on so many people stopping by your blog!!!!

Keep on quilting,
Pam O.

Block 3 on the Quilt-a-Long

Block 3 designed by Melissa Stramel
This is Block 3 on the Quilting Gallery's Quilt-a Long.  The Block was designed by Melissa Stramel.  I pick a different embroidery center, but still love how it turned out.

The piecing was a bit tricking for me, I can't tell you how many times I told myself "I Can't do that", sooooo..... I did the piecing first and than the embroidery just it case I couldn't.

What I learned more than anything was to change my wording to "I can't to "I can".  I love this Quilt-a-Long as it's challenging me for sure.

I did skip over Block 2 which is a paper piece designed by Jennifer Rodriquez.  I can only think of one time I tried paper piecing but it has been a few years back, but, "I can" do it and will go back to it for sure.

Keep on quilting,
Pam O.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Celebrate Christmas Quilt-a-Long

Fabric I will use
Quilting Gallery is having their 1st Quilt-a-long hosted by Michele (click on Quilting Gallery or the icon on my side bar for more details.

I'm pretty excited about this...there will be special deals for quilters, 36 designer profiles and 12" blocks they have designed for this project.  It's not too late, this started 9/13/11 and with run through 12/1/2011.

Block 1 designed by Pat Sloan
Above are the fabrics I have picked for this project, Moda's Christmas Flannel.

There are three blocks already posted, this first block was designed by Pat Sloan.  I love it...and I got to do a little appliqué.

The next block is designed by Jennifer Rodriguez and a paper piece...wish me luck on that one.

The third block, is by Melissa Stramel.  This one I am excited has embroidery in the center of the block.

You can see these blocks and more to come on the Quilting Gallery website.

I'll post my progress, this should be fun!

Keep on quilting,
Pam O.

and the "Challenge" continues

So, remember back in December 2010 when I wrote about a challenge my friend Kathy (click on her name to see the story) and I started?  She sent me a gift wrapped in fabric, I made something out of that fabric and sent it back to her wrapped in another piece of fabric, she was to make something out of that piece and so on and so on.....out of breath trying to write that.

Isn't this just soooo cute? I sent her the cupcake fabric and she made me an apron.  The pink fabric she used is like a strawberry swirl and the brown is like chocolate sprinkles.  I just love  it!!!!!

Now, in turn, she had the apron wrapped in the the green leaf now it's my turn to make something for her out of that fabric. Hmmmmmmmm

Thanks Kathy, I love my Apron.
Let the "Challenge" continue...

Keep on quilting
Pam O.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Don't touch the quilts please...

This is just a quick little project I worked on this morning.  At my last guild meeting one of the girls had these pre- embroidered little pieces to take home and make a block around.

Their idea is to have these hanging around the quilts at the upcoming quilt show.  This one measure 12"x10", there were several to choose from and many different light hearted sayings, mine happens to be in Spanish and reads "No Tocar Las Colchas Por Favor" (Don't touch the quilts please).

I thought it was a cute idea.
Keep on quilting,

My new tool, I needed it!

Well there it is, my new addition to my quilting tools.  Well, it is, I need it to Blog.  I was one that went back and forth with......PC or MAC.  I went with the MacBook Pro, even tho I have always been a PC person.

I have had it for two days now, so far so good....look, I uploaded the picture.  I do plan to take the classes offered.

I love it!!
Keep on quilting

Friday, August 26, 2011

Interweaved with Dots

Interweaved with Dots

This is another quilt top I finished this week,  a Bonnie Hunter pattern called "The Texas Braid".  A few of my friends and I took her class back in January when we were at the Road to California Show and I couldn't wait to get it done.

Mine measures 60"x70" which is much smaller than the pattern...but still a nice size.  It was fun collecting all the fabric for this as I wanted all dots.  So....Braid, Dots, I came up with the name Interweaved with Dots.

This one is off to my friend Sue to quilt for me.
Keep on quilting,

On it's way to completion....

This is the "Nine Patch with Attitude" pattern that is on my UFO List that I can't put the completion date on yet.  This still needs to be quilted, need to bind and labeled.....but at least the top is done.

Still trying to decide if I should quilt this or send it off to my friend Sue who does long arm quilting.

I really like the way to turned out.  Don't have a name yet for this quilt, any suggestions???

Keep on quilting.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer sewing

Snappy Bags
Pillow Cases

When these two get together...not sure if they spend more time laughing or sewing.  Olivia who is now 12 and Madison who is 11 came to sew with me this summer. 
I put together, in a large plastic container, their sewing machine, notions and.....a STASH. Oh my goodness, you would have thought I gave them the world, and it was but a small stash but non the less their first stash of fabric.
Both went right to work, their first project was the pillowcases and the second the snappy bags.  They were great with their 1/4 inch seams, matching their fabric and Olivia learned how to iron.  I'm still not letting them use the rotary cutter....I do all the cutting.  They also learned more about their machines so they can continue to sew at home.
Their next project will be sewing borders on two Christmas Panels I had won over the weekend....their first quilt. YEAH!!!
Fun times ya,

Keep on quilting

Monday, August 22, 2011

QBS Quilting Retreat 2011

Just getting back from a four day quilting retreat with my guild in Temecula, CA.

Thought I would share a few of the things I worked on.  First was this 15"x15" Valentine wall hanging, it went together pretty fast.  Once completed, I used a running stitch and embroidered the hearts on.  This was made to give to as an auction item for the guild's show in October.

Second I work on the French Tablecloth.  I love the colors in this....which I think makes the quilt.

I had quite a bit of the border print left over and I noticed of of the other girls was making a runner out of border print.  With her help I made the runner and was happy to use up the fabric I had.

One of the things we did for fun at the retreat was a Jelly Roll Race, a top made of of 2 1/2" strips.  Mine is not shown in this post as most of us gave ours to Community Relations person for charity.

I also worked on my Texas Braid Pattern, I'll show you more of that at the end of the week, want to work on that a little more before I show it.

This was a FUN FUN weekend with great friends.  My favorite part of the retreat was ...of course, being with friends but also the Show and Tell part, I love to seeing the work of others, we have amazing talent in our guild for sure.

Keep on quilting,

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm really not missing..

Well, I retired on April 1, 2011 and my last posting was April 18, 2011.
I really did have good intentions to post every day...but got soooo busy with the grand kids and family.

Things are starting to settle a bit and I'll be back to posting real soon.  I have taken pictures of the things I have been working on, mostly UFO's and little crafty items, so have a lot to show the tell about.

Don't give up, I'll be back in a week or so.

Keep on quilting
Pam O.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cozy Panda

Just completed one of my UFO's listed on my Side Bar. YEAH!!!!  This is actually one of Robin's patterns, the "Five Ten Twenty" I loved making.

Had a lot of help on this one, my friend Pat helped pick out the fabric's and my friend Sue quilted this on her Long Arm.  Sorry the picture really does not show off the quilting...but she quilted firefly's  OK, I pieced and put the binding.

My granddaughters, Meggan and Olive, were over the weekend and we came up with the name "Cozy Panda" because of the Asian Fabric and, as usual, I use flannel on the back to give it the cozy feel.

Ahh, one more off my 2011 UFO's list.

Happy Quilting
Pam O.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Day for sure...

I was just reading Robin's Blog, did you know today is National Quilt Day?? 

Happy National Quilt Day!!!
to all my quilting friends.

It's a happy day for sure, enjoy your day quilting.
Pam O.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's amazing how just a little can help....

Let me start by saying I took this picture from my friend Pat's Blog as she too wrote about this charity project.

Pat came across a Blog called Craft Hope which is a group that selects charity projects throughout the year and lets others know how to help. A few months back, they posted about the need for sanitary delivery kits in Haiti. Many of the moms and babies die during childbirth from just simply lack of sanitation.

Pat reached out to our friendship group, The Wednesday Wackos, and together we were able to put together 60 of these little bags.  There was a supply list of bar soap, string, gloves, alcohol swaps, plastic sheeting and a few more little items plus we made receiving blankets and added a small toy and put all in a one gallon Zip Lock Bag.

I'm so glad Pat found was one of those feel good projects for sure.  It is just amazing how just a little can help.

Happy Quilting,
Pam O.

Jelly Roll Madness

For the Wackos...think it may have started with Robin and Marilyn who posted about Jelly Roll Races on their Blogs.  For the past two weeks the Wednesdays Wackos have been making these quick and easy Jelly Roll Quilt Tops that will be donated to charity.

These take one Jelly Roll of 40  2 1/2" x 40' strips and finish for a nice lap size quilt.  I actually made my own Jelly Roll out of left over fabric, I used 45 strips which made for more of a square finished size.

Just to tell you how fast these sew up, I was sewing the black/white/pink one below,  frying some chicken for dinner and doing laundry....and completed all in less than three hours.  If I was just sewing...this may taken only a hour.  Robin made the one in the middle out of Kaffe fabrics and I also made the peach and brown one at the bottom.

I think Jelly Roll Madness has started with us and it's a great way to use our left over fabrics.
Happy Quilting to all,
Pam O.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

All Wrapped Up

My daughter-in-law, Raquel, recently gave me skeins and skeins of cotton Crochet Thread from Portugal. This came in a BIG bundle of maybe 35-40 skeins. It had gotten very tangled but I was able to save about 30 skeins that needed to be wrapped in balls. My dear husband, Carlos, sat with his arms stretched out as I would wrap the the skeins into balls...I have none of the modern equipment that could have done this.

The thread has such a nice feel to it, soft not stiff. I don't knit or crochet very well at all, I know only a few stitches but did not want this to go to waist. I started making these little double crochet squares and added some red and thought Valentine's Day. I still have a lot to work with...need to learn more about crocheting.
Think they turned out kinda of cute, added a little candle to finish out the Valentines gift for my daughter, Alicia and my two daughter-in-laws, Erin and Raquel.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
It's all wrapped up and ready to give.
Happy Quilting,
Pam O.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just in case...

Just in case there a long period of time I go without posting, again, I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Valentines Day. February is just a few days away, time goes to fast for me.

This is an Amy Bradley pattern I did a few years back...maybe better not to zoom in on this one or you'll really be able to see this was my first attempt at applique.

Happy Quilting,

Pam O


That's right, MORE to add the the UFO collection, HOWEVER, these may be the 2012 UFO.

Just back from the Road to California Quilt show, I'm really excited about the two classes I took. This year I want with a simply and fun type classes, and I'm really glad I did.

The first class was Bent out of Squares with Karla Alexander. What a fun teacher and a fun technique. This picture only shows two sets (1 set = 6 blocks) out of tens. I'm using batiks from my stash with more and more colors to come, very scrappy. At the end, it will be set on point. Can't wait to see it finished.

My second class was the Texas Braid by Bonnie Hunter. Just another really fun class. Mine is done out of light and dark poke-a- dots, even more fun to work with. Originally, I was going to use red cornerstones, but before starting, decide black would work better.
Both will be a work in progress, but think they will be great when they are done.

Happy Quilting
Pam O

The 2011 UFO Challenge.

OK, in order for my guilds, Quilters by the Sea, 2011 UFO Challenge.
The rules are:
1. Choose 5 UFO's that need to be finished by 2012
2. Describe and list them 1-5 on the entry form.
3. One of five will be randomly picked and announced at the guild meeting every two months.
4. On the due date we are to bring our finished quilt to the meeting..maybe for show and tell
5. There is a $10 fee for prizes along the way and a GRAND PRIZE at the end
These are mine in order:
1. Nine Patch with an attitude, started (I think) in 2008
2. Mumbo Gumbo Started in 2009
3.Fuzzy Spots started in 2010
4. French Rose started in 2009 (I think)
5. Blue Tablecloth started 2010
...and the number randomly picked and due by April 14 is number 4, the French Rose. I need to quilt, bind and label to complete this. Better get busy!
Happy Quilting,
Pam O.

For my friend... has been a while from my last posting. Well, it's not to say I have not been busy a have a lot to write about so let me get started.

My friend, Mercedes, has a Granddaughter that she is unable to see very often. She wanted to do something special for her for Valentines Day. Mercedes had seen a doll bed at a very expensive store and just didn't want to pay the price. After searching online she found this one for a fraction of the price and almost the same style as the expensive store.

GOT TO LOVE A BARGAIN!!! This is the one she found and had it shipped to her. Kinda of simple and not much to it, a little pink curtain on the side which is a little closet, and a little pink cushion for the bed on top.

"Help, can you do something to make it look pretty?" she asked. We went from store to store trying to find the fabric she wanted. No luck. Finally, I said, lets just go see what I have in my sewing closet. First she was amazed at the amount of fabric I had....BUT she found exactly what she wanted. YEAH!!!

I think it turned out real cute and everything is reversible....and I was able to use STASH. Mercedes was very excited...

For my friend..

Happy Quilting,
Pam O.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Swap of 2011

Last month I didn't even know what a "Mug Rug" was until I read a few other blogs.

This month, after making a few, I joined an online swap hosted by The Quilting Gallery. If interested, this should be a fun, quick, and easy swap. Registrations close on January 18.

Click on the icon "Mug Rug Swap" on my sidebar, it will take to the registration. Also, under swap links, if you click on "Mug Rug Inspirations", The Quilting Gallery featured a few of the Rug Mugs that I have made.

Happy Quilting
Pam O.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Vino" Applique, something new and different...

On my sidebar I have my 2011 To Do List where I listed
"Try something new and different", so this is what I picked, "Vino".

Margie, one of my Wednesday Wacko Sisters, does the most beautiful applique. I have asked her to teach me her technique to complete this little kit I picked up at one of the shows. I'm sure some of the other Wacko's will join in on the lessons as well.

Each week, Margie will lead us through the steps to complete the applique, I'm striving for years end...but we'll see. I'm so excited!!!

Please note: I wrote COMPLETED next to Binding on Mug Rugs. YEAH!!!! I was able to finish 18. The picture is posted below on my December 31, 2010 posting. Loved the way they turned out.

Happy Quilting to all,
Pam O.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Had to post this picture..

I'm pretty sure this was taken from the Seal Beach Pier. I didn't take this picture, actually got it from a friend who got it from a friend.

I think it was taken on the same day my husband and I went down to Seal Beach for lunch. I remember standing on the pier wishing I had my camera and thinking back to the days when......

I know you are going to think this crazy, but just after a cold spell of rain and snow in Southern California and it's just starting to warm up, my brother and some of our friends would set out for a day, that we called, surf and sky.

We would hit the beach early morning, surf/swim for a few hours. Just when we had enough, we pack up the car and head for the local mountain, which is about a two hour drive. By 2:30 or 3:00 we had our skies on and doing some of the best down hill skiing ever.

I had to post this picture, someone knew I regretted not have a camera on that day.

Pam O

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - this is what I would like to happen...

OK, I'm going to get it in writing, I'm making a list of what I would like to happen in 2011. This will be of no interest to anyone but me...but that's alright, at least I'll have my list.

1. On my Side Bar, at the bottom, I have made my list of UFO's (Unfinished Projects) and Sewing projects. I'll post pictures and write "Completed" as I go a long.
2. My Guild is having a UFO Challenge to finish five UFO's, I will join at the meeting in January. I may list some that are on my Side's OK to challenge myself twice.
3. Use my stash to make Charity Quilts.
4. Join WW, walk more.
5. Don't buy what I already have, STASH
6. Be the BEST relative, friend, WACKO, Guild Member that I can be.

...and last but not least, never sit idle.
Think that covers it. Better get busy.

Happy Quilting in 2011!!!
Pam O.