Monday, December 5, 2011

For Kathy...

My Dearest Kathy,
As you know I am a quilter, it’s a hobby that I love to doing.  For the past few years, I pick a the person I have been thinking of and who has been in my prayers throughout the year and make them a quilt for Christmas.  It’s what I call,  “MY SPECIAL QUILT to a VERY SPECIAL PERSON”.
As we would sit in the warm sun at the summer concerts, I loved our long conversations and our time together.  To me, you are such a loving and caring person who loves her family and friends very much.  I continue to be amazed at your courage and strength in dealing with your illness.  You are such a SPECIAL PERSON so I wanted you to have this VERY SPECIAL QUILT.
Quilts are just BIG hugs, so a BIG hug to you this Christmas Season and for the New Year.
Merry Christmas with all my love and friendship,

Quilt was given to Kathy on Saturday 12/3/2011
Quilt was made this last August at a Two Wacky Woman Retreat in Laguna, CA.
Pattern by Lynn Brown

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  1. And, YOU my friend are a very special person.

    Quilty hugs,


Thanks so much for you comment, I love that you stopped by to read my Blog.