Saturday, January 29, 2011

The 2011 UFO Challenge.

OK, in order for my guilds, Quilters by the Sea, 2011 UFO Challenge.
The rules are:
1. Choose 5 UFO's that need to be finished by 2012
2. Describe and list them 1-5 on the entry form.
3. One of five will be randomly picked and announced at the guild meeting every two months.
4. On the due date we are to bring our finished quilt to the meeting..maybe for show and tell
5. There is a $10 fee for prizes along the way and a GRAND PRIZE at the end
These are mine in order:
1. Nine Patch with an attitude, started (I think) in 2008
2. Mumbo Gumbo Started in 2009
3.Fuzzy Spots started in 2010
4. French Rose started in 2009 (I think)
5. Blue Tablecloth started 2010
...and the number randomly picked and due by April 14 is number 4, the French Rose. I need to quilt, bind and label to complete this. Better get busy!
Happy Quilting,
Pam O.

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  1. I LOVE you picks Pam. Can't wait to see them finished. And, I know you will now that you have committed.


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