Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Corner...

This is my little Christmas Corner in my sewing room. Most items have been pieced and waiting to be working on some of that this week.

But, is makes for a cute little corner, don't you think?

More pictures when they are completed.

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Dinners..

Cooking together as a family is one of my most favorite things to do...think that is why Thanksgiving is my most beloved holiday of the can't wait for next week!!!

We try, when we can, to have Sunday Dinners together, busy schedules sometimes get in the way. There are 14 of us when we do, so lots of fun. Marcus is away right now, maybe we'll bring the computer to the dinner table and have him join us via Skype. That will work.

Pictured is Meggan and Olivia making cookies with Grandpa . For dinner tonight, chicken and rice .


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Only a Mother's love...

I was going through some things in my sewing closet today when I came across this crewel piece I did for my Mother, I actually think it was Mother's Day when I gave it to her. When she opened it, there was a look on her face that she wanted to laugh, but thought she better not....until she no longer could hold it in and laughed until she cried.

Now this was my first attempt at transferring a pattern of any kind, but look, the handwheel of the sewing machine is on the left side. She always told the story, I made it that way because I was left handed. I could have blamed it on being young when I did it, but it has my married name in the signature....hmmm, was young when I married though.

She got the biggest kick out that and it hung in her sewing room for many years. I think I laughed just as hard today as she did the day I gave it to her.

Only a Mother's love..
Always quilt with love and passion.
Pam O.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's up and hanging!!!

Well there it is. I finally have something I made hanging in my home. My friends will be surprised. The truth of the matter is, I really don't have a lot of wall space, I had to take down a picture to hang this.

I finished one of four large blocks of the Feathered Foursome pattern by Cathy Wierzbicki and my friend Sue Salinger, who is a long are quilter, quilted it for me. It picks up the colors in my sewing room , so that is where it hangs.

Because of the Christmas colors, the design Sue did in the quilting is holly, but I'm one that always says you should keep a touch of Christmas up all year round.

Anyway, there it is hanging....very proudly.

Always quilt with love and passion.
Pam O.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Candle Mat - sending (3 of 3)

When I first starting blogging, in 2009, I wrote you could find my quilts all over the globe, Peru, France, Spain, Canada. It's not that I am famous quilter by any means, it just that we have friends and family in these countries. Well, I can now add Norway. As not to give away the element of surprise, I won't give out the name and think there are several participates for the swap from Norway.
I had a really good time with my first on line swap. My partner wanted Fall fabrics in oranges, greens and beige' this is what I picked for her.
I'm not the best machine quilter so fell back on my old standard of straight lines. I found a great fall color, variegated, thread to use and think it all worked well in the mat. I used some cute little fall buttons in the four corners to add a slight accent.

Using Fabric Sheets for the label, I sewed the final touch on the back.

Sending any additional goodies was not required. However, I have been making some Snappy Bags and thought my partner would like one made from the left over fabric, and as not to waste any fabric, I also made her a pin cushion out of the salvages.

This has been great fun and look forward to another Swap.
To my new found friend in Norway, I hope you enjoy your Candle Mat!!!!
Always quilt with love and passion,
Pam O.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Candle Mat received (2 of 3)

Dearest Karen,
I was so excited when I received my Candle Mat. It could not have come on a better day. I'm going to post extra pictures of this as I wanted my friends to see the work that went into it.... and I know they will say, "Oh, that is so Pammy".
I absolutely love the French/English fabrics you picked and the embroidery and hand quilting made it very special, something I will cherish forever and ever. I love embroidery!!!!
The Candle Mat now sits by my front door. I love the compliments I get and the story I can tell about it.
Because my blog is about family and quilting, I will tell this could not have come on a better day. Our youngest son, Marcus, has taken on a new job in his life, something both my husband and I are very very proud of.
Marcus, left this weekend for six months of training. We had just gotten home from saying our good-bys and wishing him well and I had some tears (happy tears of course), when I found my package in my mail and opened definitely brought a BIG SMILE back to my face.

Karen, thank you so very much for my Candle Mat. I love love love it.
I now have a new quilting friend from the U.K.
Standby, next posting of the one I'm sending out.
Always quilt with love and passion,
Pam O

Candle Mat Postings (1 of 3)

I wanted to dedicate the next three postings to the Candle Mat Swap that I signed up for. It was my first online swap and I really have had a fun time with it.

The pattern is by Sandi Anderson:

Originally, I had picked Christmas fabrics, posted in an earlier posting. However, the person I'm sewing for requested more Fall like fabrics. The mat is turning out really cute and I'll post pictures of that one later this week.

I just had to see what the mat looked like out of the Christmas fabric and it made good practice. It's not quilted yet...but will be by the holidays.

Standby, next posting of the one I received.
Have a good quilting week,
Pam O.