Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Baby Boys on their way for Christmas

Sorry, not the best of pictures.

We know of two baby boys who on on their way for the Christmas Season!!!

I found this really cute fabric by Moda called "Little Rascals" and loved it.  So not the traditional baby blue..but still very very cute, and, I was able to get both quilts made out of the same fabric.

Fabric and pattern by Moda
Pieced by Pam O.
Quilted by Terri Ayala on her Long Arm

Nicole received her quilt on 12/2/2011 for her new baby boy (1st child)
Connie will get her quilt this week for her new baby boy (2nd child)

Congratulations to you both!!!
Pam O.

Monday, December 5, 2011

For Kathy...

My Dearest Kathy,
As you know I am a quilter, it’s a hobby that I love to doing.  For the past few years, I pick a the person I have been thinking of and who has been in my prayers throughout the year and make them a quilt for Christmas.  It’s what I call,  “MY SPECIAL QUILT to a VERY SPECIAL PERSON”.
As we would sit in the warm sun at the summer concerts, I loved our long conversations and our time together.  To me, you are such a loving and caring person who loves her family and friends very much.  I continue to be amazed at your courage and strength in dealing with your illness.  You are such a SPECIAL PERSON so I wanted you to have this VERY SPECIAL QUILT.
Quilts are just BIG hugs, so a BIG hug to you this Christmas Season and for the New Year.
Merry Christmas with all my love and friendship,

Quilt was given to Kathy on Saturday 12/3/2011
Quilt was made this last August at a Two Wacky Woman Retreat in Laguna, CA.
Pattern by Lynn Brown