Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jelly Roll Madness

For the Wackos...think it may have started with Robin and Marilyn who posted about Jelly Roll Races on their Blogs.  For the past two weeks the Wednesdays Wackos have been making these quick and easy Jelly Roll Quilt Tops that will be donated to charity.

These take one Jelly Roll of 40  2 1/2" x 40' strips and finish for a nice lap size quilt.  I actually made my own Jelly Roll out of left over fabric, I used 45 strips which made for more of a square finished size.

Just to tell you how fast these sew up, I was sewing the black/white/pink one below,  frying some chicken for dinner and doing laundry....and completed all in less than three hours.  If I was just sewing...this may taken only a hour.  Robin made the one in the middle out of Kaffe fabrics and I also made the peach and brown one at the bottom.

I think Jelly Roll Madness has started with us and it's a great way to use our left over fabrics.
Happy Quilting to all,
Pam O.


  1. Ooo they are very pretty and great if you can sew them together so quickly!

  2. I think I am addicted to these! I have two more and I have plans for a third this weekend.

  3. I was searching for jelly and this isn't really what I expected very weird!!


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