Friday, September 16, 2011

and the "Challenge" continues

So, remember back in December 2010 when I wrote about a challenge my friend Kathy (click on her name to see the story) and I started?  She sent me a gift wrapped in fabric, I made something out of that fabric and sent it back to her wrapped in another piece of fabric, she was to make something out of that piece and so on and so on.....out of breath trying to write that.

Isn't this just soooo cute? I sent her the cupcake fabric and she made me an apron.  The pink fabric she used is like a strawberry swirl and the brown is like chocolate sprinkles.  I just love  it!!!!!

Now, in turn, she had the apron wrapped in the the green leaf now it's my turn to make something for her out of that fabric. Hmmmmmmmm

Thanks Kathy, I love my Apron.
Let the "Challenge" continue...

Keep on quilting
Pam O.

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  1. How fun Pam!!! I love, love this idea. Very special.


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