Monday, May 24, 2010

Something new to some point

Not that I will get to this anytime soon, but my friend Robin has created a new pattern call "Five, Ten, Twenty". Really cute, the fabric requirements are either, 5 one yard cuts, 10 half yard cuts or 20 fat quarters. The blocks will be oversized that will be trimmed and assembled quick and easy, I think.

I picked up these fabric's last summer and think they will be perfect for the pattern using 10 half yard cuts. So it's on my design wall at some point.

This pattern and some of her other patterns can be found on her website, Two Wacky Women,

Check it out.

40 Years

This past weekend I went to a Two Wacky Women Retreat in Laguna Woods, Ca. These are fun and relaxing quilting retreats put on by two friends of mine, Robin and Marilyn, please take time to check out their website .

In past posts I have written that when I go away on these retreats my husband, Carlos, more than likely will have a surprise waiting for me when I get home. Well, this weekend was no different, not only did I go on retreat but on Thursday, 5/20/10, I reached 40 years working for the same company. That's hard to do these days...but I did it!!!

Carlos knows how much I love clocks, not sure why I do but I do and have many in my home, some that work and some don't. This one is so cute, it will play a melody on the hour. You can set it to 6 Classic or 6 Hymn, or 6 Christmas. It has a light sensor, so will shut off automatically at night. It's just beautiful!!!!

Not sure this time, if it was that I was on retreat or the 40 years of services, but love my gift. I'm going on another retreat in July...what will my next surprise be???

Thank you Carlos, I love you and my clock!!!

It's DONE!!!

It's not the end of May yet, I finished my Cinco de Mayo Quilt Top before this months end. Now... I have to quilt to before next May.
Think it turned out kinda cute!!!