Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Vino" Applique, something new and different...

On my sidebar I have my 2011 To Do List where I listed
"Try something new and different", so this is what I picked, "Vino".

Margie, one of my Wednesday Wacko Sisters, does the most beautiful applique. I have asked her to teach me her technique to complete this little kit I picked up at one of the shows. I'm sure some of the other Wacko's will join in on the lessons as well.

Each week, Margie will lead us through the steps to complete the applique, I'm striving for years end...but we'll see. I'm so excited!!!

Please note: I wrote COMPLETED next to Binding on Mug Rugs. YEAH!!!! I was able to finish 18. The picture is posted below on my December 31, 2010 posting. Loved the way they turned out.

Happy Quilting to all,
Pam O.


  1. I like your project Pam. Isn't Margie going to give a class this Wednesday? I'm counting on it.

  2. Yep, to all Wacko's who are interested. Will make a nice Wedneday project

  3. I have seen her work - it is great that she is going to teach you.

  4. This looks nice! And nice to have a friend to teach you the technique. Then I am sure the result will be great too. Often when I start something new, I only do it by my own and learn from the mistakes :) Your Wacko Sisters group sounds very nice!

  5. Way to go Pam! Looks like you are off to a great start for the New Year.


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