Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer sewing

Snappy Bags
Pillow Cases

When these two get together...not sure if they spend more time laughing or sewing.  Olivia who is now 12 and Madison who is 11 came to sew with me this summer. 
I put together, in a large plastic container, their sewing machine, notions and.....a STASH. Oh my goodness, you would have thought I gave them the world, and it was but a small stash but non the less their first stash of fabric.
Both went right to work, their first project was the pillowcases and the second the snappy bags.  They were great with their 1/4 inch seams, matching their fabric and Olivia learned how to iron.  I'm still not letting them use the rotary cutter....I do all the cutting.  They also learned more about their machines so they can continue to sew at home.
Their next project will be sewing borders on two Christmas Panels I had won over the weekend....their first quilt. YEAH!!!
Fun times girls...love ya,

Keep on quilting

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  1. How great! Wonderful to see how you are bringing the sewing tradition on to a new generation! They look very happy to sew, and I am sure there was a lot of laughter and fun with two girls at that age :)


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