Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting first online Swap

I love this fabric!!!

I picked it up last summer in Temecula, CA., it is called 12 Days of Christmas by Moda. There 14 different prints and I bought 1/2 yard cuts of each..... I was real low on Christmas fabric.

I recently signed up for my my very first online swap called "Candle Mat Swap". If interested, you can click on the button on my side bar which will give you all the details.

Anyway, I pulled the fabric today and thought it would be perfect for the Candle Mat. I hope who ever I get assigned to wants Christmas fabric, they do have an option to pick otherwise. If not, the pattern itself will be fun to make and I'll just have to make the Cristmas one for me, family and friends. I for sure have enough fabric to make several.

I can't wait to get started on it.
Pam O.

Tuesday - To Do (on Monday)

Last week on my Tuesday - To Do I was to cut some "Snappy Bags" and quilt some little runners I had made. Well, not only did I cut and sew the Snappy Bags shown in a prior posting...but made 10 more over the weekend (made 28 total).

As for the little runners, this is not one on them but was the smallest in my things to quilt and I knew I could get it done before the deadline. This was a cute little kit I pick up over the summer, only measures 17"x 21". Nice little table top.

I thought about this, and think my Tuesday - To Do is going to be very short lived, two weeks to be exact. It's the deadline thing.

See, not only did I over make what I said I was but posted on Monday my Tuesday - To Do trying to get ahead of the deadline.

I think if I keep doing this, it might take my joy out of sewing..and won't let that happen for sure. I decided I'm going back to Pam's Activities, that is the name of my Blog after all. Will post as it happens. I love my sewing and quilting too much to get stressed by deadlines.

AHHHH, I feel so much better and free!!!!!!!
Happy sewing/quilting to all,
Pam O.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Snap, Snap, Snappy Bags

I'm so excited, on my "Tuesday - To Do" this week I was only going to cut out the Snappy Bags. Well I got started and couldn't stop. Not sure what took longer, the cutting or the sewing, but made 18 of these in absolutely no time at all. My friend Robin showed several of us how to do these a few weeks back, you can make two with two fat quarter, some fusible fleece and pieces of a metal tape measure. I won't get into the how to as I think Robin may post a tutorial soon, I'll let you know. I will tell you, the metal tape measure is cut into two piece the width of the bag and inserted so when you pull it open it SNAP SNAPs

These are the 18 that I made. I think these are going to make cute little gifts for all ages. What you can put in these and stick in you handbag is endless...., gift cards are always great too.
(click on the picture to enlarge)

My daughter and grand daughter are already placing an order, they want some for their friends and co-workers.

It was a fun project to work on, sometimes it's just all in the fabric that makes them so cute.

Pam O.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday - "To Do"

So last week I started my Tuesday - "To Do", (aka, Monday Design Wall). I was to complete the binding on two table runners and one quilt, and believe it or not, I got it done.

The peach colored is a pattern by Jo-Ann, "Pentagon Table Runner". All pre-cut paper shapes were included in the pattern. Once the pentagon were completed, I used one of my decorative stitches around each flowers when tacking it down to the background fabric.

The light green is called "A Simple Point" by Crooked Nickle Quilt Designs using a fusible grid. Both runners were a lot of fun to do.

OK, one of my Wednesday Wacko friends will have to remind me of the name of this quilt pattern. Several of us took this class at Road to California and for the life of me I can't find the pattern. The top was completed a while back and recently my friend Terri quilted it for me on her long are machine. She did a wonderful job on it and I can't wait to use it this winter.

Above are this past weeks completed projects. Yeah me for getting these done.

9/21/2010 Tuesday - "To Do"

  1. I want to do some cutting this week. Getting ready to make some "Snappy Bags, so if I get several cut out, they will take no time to sew up.
  2. A few weeks ago I got seven runners done using 5' squares out of Moda Christmas fabric. If I get a few of those quilted I will be happy. Thinking these will make cute gifts for family and friends.

Hope you all have a great sewing week too.

Happy sewing/quilting to all

Pam O

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

and the Sunshine Award goes to........

Oh look, I just received a Sunshine Award from my friend Marilyn, one of my Wednesday Night Wacko friends. How cool is this!!!

So I need to award this to some of my fellow bloggers.
So, ta ta ta da, the following blogger friends are receiving this Sunshine Award from me. CONGRATULATIONS, love you all!!!


There are rules for this award (Marilyn, I thought Wackos had no rules):
1. Save the image and post to your own blog
2. Pass it on to 12 fellow blogger (I broke the rule and only sending to six)
3. Link the nominees
4. Let the nominees know by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love, link the person you received the award from, for me that would be Marilyn.

I know, I know.... for those of you getting this award today you may have already gotten the award from Marilyn. It's OK, all of you are deserving and qualified of many Sunshine Awards!!

If you are a blogger visiting my blog, know you too are deserving of this Sunshine Award. Please feel free to award those bloggers you know.

Also, please visit the Blogs of my winners and be amazed by their work.

Thanks again Marilyn!!!
Pam O.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday - "To Do"

I think some quilters have what they call "Design Wall Monday". I thought about this over the weekend and actually got my Design Wall out. It lives in a little black bag in my sewing closet and when assembled measure 54'x54', I think. I got to step one, lay all the pieces out on the floor... and quickly went back to step zero, putting it back in the little black bag and sending it back to it's home in the closet.

It's not that I would not love to have a design wall standing at all times, it's just Monday's are very busy for me, not only am I back at work, but I'm also trying to catch up around the house with chores and laundry. My weekends are packed with grand kids and their sports and all other family and friend activities, fun stuff, YEAH!!!

So I thought about it today. Instead of "Design Wall Monday", I'm going to start my:
Tuesday - "To Do"
Every Tuesday I'll list what I plan to work on for the week and the following Tuesday post the completed project(s). Hope this works!!!!

9/14/2010 Tuesday - "To DO"
  1. Tack down the binding on two completed Table Runners
  2. Tack down the binding on one completed quilt

This past weeks completed projects:

  1. Cody's Wedding Quilt, posted below and shipped off to him and Jessica.
  2. One sample "Snappy Bag" that my friend Robin showed us how to do at our Wednesday Wacko Meeting. I think she soon will have a tutorial on her Blog, I'll let you know. This was quick, easy and fun to do. You use very little fabric, some batting and metal measuring tape cut into two pieces the width of the bag. Great for makeup or even for kids as a pencil bag and small school supplies. This will soon be on my Tuesday - "To Do", want to make more of these for gifts.

Pretty cute, don't ya think?
I better get busy,
Happy sewing/quilting to all

Pam O.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cody's Wedding Quilt

As I left for the wedding a few weeks ago, all I had left on the quilt to do was tack down the binding and sew on a label. I decided not to carry the quilt on the plane and would mail it up after the fact.

Cody, one of my favorite my nephews, lives near Roslyn, WA, a small town that is so beautiful, lush and green and made the perfect backdrop for him to merry Jessica. All of the activities were done out side. The wedding was on a hill top called French Cabin Creek and the reception was at another beautiful outdoor location near their home. It had started to rain...but it was only a moment when a double rainbow appeared.

I think, seeing that double rainbow, means something good for them for sure.

I loved how family and friends came together to help with the set up and prepare all the wonderful food that was served. I think the most unique thing they did was have an Ice Cream Truck come into the reception area and serve as much ice cream and candy as anyone wanted. Pretty cool, pretty different...all the little and big kids a like loved it.

I was so glad I waited to send up their quilt. I was able to capture this great picture of Cody, Jessica and their girls just moments after saying there vows. I printed the picture on a fabric sheet for the label to put on the back of the quilt. The caption below the picture reads:
Jessica and Cody on your wedding day, August 28, 2010
French Cabin Creek, Salmon La Sac, Washington
With all my love and best wishes to you both
Aunt Pam

Cody and Jessica,
Every stitch was made with love, congratulations to you both, enjoy your quilt!!!!!
Please note: Pattern used for the quilt is called "Magnolia Lane" by Robin Gallagher

Airplane's for Evan's room

My grandson, Evan, loves airplanes.
His bedroom was recently painted and a new comforter put on his bed...airplanes, of course. At one on our local fabric stores, I found a panel of just the control panel of the inside of and aircraft, added a few borders and wa-la the perfect wall hanging for above his bed. It all came together so nicely. I also made a matching valance for the window (not shown).
Evan loves his new room!!!

As I was taking this picture of his room, I noticed someone had done a silhouette of Evan. When I asked, my daughter in law, Erin, she said his teacher had done it. I love it and think she did a perfect image of him.

Sleep well Evan, love you,

Monday, September 6, 2010


Every time I opened my sewing closet, I would see this fabric just looking at me, wanting to be sewn...I had to do something. I was actually trying to get ready for a retreat, but pulled this out and said it has to be done.

These are Moda Fabrics, most were in 5" squares. I sewed the squares together, put two borders and said there, I got it done, well.... I actually got seven done. I think they will make nice table runners at Christmas for family and friends.

Again, just need to get them all quilted.

Five Ten done

I actually did finish this quilt top back in July....just slow in writing.
I showed the fabric below, on the May 24 posting. Turned out kinda of cute. I still have enough of this fabric to make another quilt.
Still needs to be quilted....hmmm when will I get to that???