Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - this is what I would like to happen...

OK, I'm going to get it in writing, I'm making a list of what I would like to happen in 2011. This will be of no interest to anyone but me...but that's alright, at least I'll have my list.

1. On my Side Bar, at the bottom, I have made my list of UFO's (Unfinished Projects) and Sewing projects. I'll post pictures and write "Completed" as I go a long.
2. My Guild is having a UFO Challenge to finish five UFO's, I will join at the meeting in January. I may list some that are on my Side's OK to challenge myself twice.
3. Use my stash to make Charity Quilts.
4. Join WW, walk more.
5. Don't buy what I already have, STASH
6. Be the BEST relative, friend, WACKO, Guild Member that I can be.

...and last but not least, never sit idle.
Think that covers it. Better get busy.

Happy Quilting in 2011!!!
Pam O.


  1. Love the idea of adding your projects to your side bar. Quite ambitious I must say.

  2. Good goals is ok to sometimes sit idle :-)


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