Sunday, September 18, 2011

Block 3 on the Quilt-a-Long

Block 3 designed by Melissa Stramel
This is Block 3 on the Quilting Gallery's Quilt-a Long.  The Block was designed by Melissa Stramel.  I pick a different embroidery center, but still love how it turned out.

The piecing was a bit tricking for me, I can't tell you how many times I told myself "I Can't do that", sooooo..... I did the piecing first and than the embroidery just it case I couldn't.

What I learned more than anything was to change my wording to "I can't to "I can".  I love this Quilt-a-Long as it's challenging me for sure.

I did skip over Block 2 which is a paper piece designed by Jennifer Rodriquez.  I can only think of one time I tried paper piecing but it has been a few years back, but, "I can" do it and will go back to it for sure.

Keep on quilting,
Pam O.


  1. I know you can! Paper piecing really isn't hard you just have to think backwards :-)

  2. Your blocks are really nice! And now you have said you CAN, so now we are waiting to see the paper pieced block too :) I was thinking on joining the Quilt -along too, but I have too much other projects waiting to be done. So I decided not to this time. But it is fun to follow and look at the results.


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