Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let the Challenge Begin!!!!!

Let me start by saying I have used Sandi's pattern of the "Candle Mat" so much this Christmas Season. Not only did I make one for the online swap that went to Norway, but 11 more for my Wednesday Night Friendship Group gift exchange. NOW, I made one for a challenge that could last forever.

This is how it started: Kathy a friend/co-worker sent me a gift this season wrapped in fabric. I told her, if you are sent a gift wrapped in turns on a challenge. You must take the fabric and make something with that piece and send it back wrapped in fabric. She, in turn, makes something out of that piece and returns wrapped in fabric..and so on and so on.
The piece she sent me is the border and a hint in the binding of the "Candle Mat" shown in the picture. I didn't get a picture of the fabric prior to cutting, but it measured about a fat 1/8.
We have no rules other than no stress and no time limit...even if it's only one item per year.

It will be fun to see what goes back and forth from coast to coast, Kathy is in Florida and I'm in California. I'll post as we send and receive. The cupcakes fat quarter is what I'm sending Kathy.

Start something new with one of your quilting friends in a far away place, I know I'm excited about this.

Let the challenge begin!!!
Happy Quilting to all in 2011
Pam O.


  1. Love the candle mat you made for your friend. I'm looking at mine right now, it's sitting on my coffee table (without a candle) and I absolutely love it.

  2. What a lovely idea! I have been making mug rugs for my quilting friends!
    Snowy and cold here so perfect for sewing!

  3. Happy new year! It will be exciting to see what your challenge will end up to be!

  4. What a great idea! This is a perfect way to use our quilting blogs...making new friends.


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