Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wacko's Rule!

I think I may have written a little about my friendship group, The Wednesday Wacko's. We started about seven years ago taking a class that Robin taught. We liked the class so much, we sighed up for another class, and so the group began. We have a few that have left the group and a few more that have started, but basically we have kept the group around twelve people.

We first started with the classes in a local quilt shop and we were there for quite a while. We now meet in a class room where my husband works at the High School. Every Wednesday may seem like a lot, but it really isn't. We know life gets in the way and if we don't make it one week, we'll be back the next.

I, myself, feel so fortunate to have each and every one of these ladies in my life. There is not one I can't count on at any given moment. We do retreats together, quilt shows, dinner and movies...and it's just so nice to have people that enjoy doing what you do, quilting and all of life's little pleasures.
I love each one of the Wackos's and my wish would be that every women could belong to a friendship group like I have.

Of course, being a group, we have tried to set rules but it never works, there is always someone that will bend the rule slightly.

Thus, we created our slogan:
Wacko's Rule!
OH WAIT...we have no rules

Just wanted to give you some insight of the Wacko's. In my next two blogs, I'll be writing about some of the activities we have done this year.

Stand by.


  1. Wow, nicely stated. I am so blessed to have found all of you. We are a lucky bunch indeed.

  2. Love this post Pammie. And, love our group.


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