Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beauty is______.

My six year old granddaughter was given a school project this month. Beauty is_____.

She first needed to fill in the blank and then decide what she could do to express her words. She said it would be "Beauty is Love" and she wanted Mema (that's me) to help her make a small quilt. She wanted this to be done in pinks and reds and lots of hearts.

The first thing we did was to go to the fabric store so she could pick out her fabric. We found pinks and reds but not too many hearts in October. That's when Mema's stash came in handy.

Natalia started out strong by putting great attention to detail. She drew a picture on her Etch-a-Sketch of exactly how she wanted her project to turn out and then off to the cutting board we went.

Without going into the step-by-step process we took, I will tell you she did all of her own cutting using scissors (no rotary cutter). She used Heat and Bond to cut out hearts and she cut strips in different widths.

Once all the cutting was done, I put her on my small machine to practice sewing lines on lined paper. After she practiced that for a while I gave her fabric. She just loved it!!!

I had her do a Quilt As You Go, sewing the red strips one by one. After all the strips were sewn we cut the piece into a large heart.

She then made the banner to go across the middle using Fabric Ink to write Beauty is ____. At the end of the banner she put a pocket, inside the pocket is a button that says Love.

So you read Beauty is, reach in the pocket and pull out Love. Just so Cute!!! She then appliqued the hearts to the background. All the ironing had to be done by me.

She had so much fun making this project. I was amazed how fast she learned. Natalia is very proud of her First Quilt.

For her: Beauty is Love

For me: Beauty is teaching my granddaughter to sew.

I love you Natalia,



  1. And beuty is a grandma's love...what a beautiful granddaughter you have. Aren't we just so blessed by those grandies?

  2. oh! The blog turned out really cute. I can't wait to read it to Natalia. She loves your stories, and even more if they are about her.

  3. I read the our blog to everyone and the kids were so attentive.
    Bro says: I LOVE YOU MEMA
    Natalia says: Thank you for helping me. I like the story

  4. What a lovely thing to be able to share with your beauty, Natalia.

  5. Wow Mom that project turned out soooo cute...Natalia is the next quilter in the family...go TATA, you both did such s good job, you made Mema feel so special and Mema you are a very special Grandma.

    Alicia (the non-sewing daughter) haha :)


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