Saturday, October 17, 2009

Memories with my Grandma

I guess it was the lesson I had last week with Natalia that made me think about the times I spent with my own Grandmother. She was a very quiet person, tiny and petite. Out of the six kids my parents had, I was the most quiet so I was the lucky one that got to stay with her most of the time. She only lived next door, but my parents felt someone should be in the house with her.

At a very young age I remember, sitting on her left side, with my head resting on her arm, watching her right hand going up and down as she made the most beautiful embroidery stitches. This would go on for hours at a time with the Lawrence Welk or Jack Benny Show playing on the TV in the background.

I think I was about eight when she finally said, "I think you can do this", and she put a needle in my hand and showed me how to do a printed cross stitch. It took off from there, I did pillow cases and table runners. My first craft!

A few years back, Leora Raikin was at our Guild with her African Folklore Embroidery Kits. I bought four of the small kits and made this small wall hanging using basically the chain stitch. It's done on a black background with bright colors. After completed and quilted, I added crystals to pop out the colors even more and beading on the out side edges which made a great finish. This piece took 2nd Place Winner in my Guilds Quilt Show 2007.

I have heard, everyone has five most influential people in their Grandma is right at the top of my five for sure.


  1. What a lovely story and what great memories. Is Natalia going to learn to embroider?

  2. You are really carrying on a special tradition aren't you? I'm sure Natalia thinks you are a very special Mema, one of her "top five".

  3. I love your embroidery. Robin got me a kit and I started it but haven't finished yet. I need to try to find it and work on it again. It would fit perfectly in my new needlework bag. Mine is Noah's Ark, of course.


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