Friday, December 31, 2010

Mug Rugs

I started reading two new blogs this year, Sandi who is a wonderful writer and quilter and Karen who lives in the UK, is a long arm quilter and does beautiful embroidery. Both Karen and Sandi wrote on their blogs about "Mug Rugs", I had never heard of them (maybe these are nothing new) but thought what a cute idea.

I had to try them. I had a panel with 18 of the different coffee mugs and the coordinating this is how mine turned out.

They measure about 6" x 9". I think they are real cute and will make a perfect gift with a cute mug and maybe a Starbucks card included.

Happy Quilting,
Pam O.


  1. Nice mug rugs - I love to make them. They are perfect gifts.

  2. Very cute Pam. I was going to make mug rugs for Christmas gifts but time just got away from me. I love how yours turned out.

  3. They are very cute Pam. Yes, you have a great gift idea there.

  4. Your mug rugs turned out so cute. This is a wonderful gift idea for so many friends.

  5. They are lovely ....what a good idea to use panels.


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