Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday - "To Do"

I think some quilters have what they call "Design Wall Monday". I thought about this over the weekend and actually got my Design Wall out. It lives in a little black bag in my sewing closet and when assembled measure 54'x54', I think. I got to step one, lay all the pieces out on the floor... and quickly went back to step zero, putting it back in the little black bag and sending it back to it's home in the closet.

It's not that I would not love to have a design wall standing at all times, it's just Monday's are very busy for me, not only am I back at work, but I'm also trying to catch up around the house with chores and laundry. My weekends are packed with grand kids and their sports and all other family and friend activities, fun stuff, YEAH!!!

So I thought about it today. Instead of "Design Wall Monday", I'm going to start my:
Tuesday - "To Do"
Every Tuesday I'll list what I plan to work on for the week and the following Tuesday post the completed project(s). Hope this works!!!!

9/14/2010 Tuesday - "To DO"
  1. Tack down the binding on two completed Table Runners
  2. Tack down the binding on one completed quilt

This past weeks completed projects:

  1. Cody's Wedding Quilt, posted below and shipped off to him and Jessica.
  2. One sample "Snappy Bag" that my friend Robin showed us how to do at our Wednesday Wacko Meeting. I think she soon will have a tutorial on her Blog, I'll let you know. This was quick, easy and fun to do. You use very little fabric, some batting and metal measuring tape cut into two pieces the width of the bag. Great for makeup or even for kids as a pencil bag and small school supplies. This will soon be on my Tuesday - "To Do", want to make more of these for gifts.

Pretty cute, don't ya think?
I better get busy,
Happy sewing/quilting to all

Pam O.


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