Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet Marcus

Marcus, our youngest, and his family.

Turn on the music and watch him go, Sebastian loves to dance and has better rhythm and moves of any dancer I know and he is only 4. He also loves soccer.
Natalia loves to play board games, help her mom, and loves to play dress-up and make-up with her friends. She is such a little princess, tiny and petite.
Our daughter-in-law, Raquel, is our little Spanish girl, she came to the US in 1995. We get so many complements on her, she is sweet and full of natural beauty. I can count on her for anything. We just adore her.
When he walks in a room you know he's there, Marcus is a loud and crazy guy and will get the party started...even if it's not his party. His brother and sister will just shake their head and laugh...and may say he's a little spoiled. Well he is the baby after all, cute and very smart.

Together they love to travel, explore, try new adventures and enjoy the simply pleasures of life. All four speak Spanish and English.

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