Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet Alicia

This is Alicia, our oldest, and her family.

Meggan is known as the family "sweetie". She started high school this year and is off to a good start. She loves to swim and play soccer...and of course, use her text message service.
Olivia will make you laugh and bring a smile to you when ever you look at her. She may be the family's next quilter, she is very crafty. Yeah Livy!
Jimmy would like me to introduce him as my one and only, crazy, fun loving son-in-law. He really is a great guy and fun to be with.
Alicia works hard at what she does in life, team mom, room mom, but most of all a wonderful Mom to Meggan and Olivia, she can do all this and still work a full time job. Her greatest joy in life is being with her family, camping, biking and swimming. A beautiful person inside and out.
A very busy family!!!
Alicia never has picked up sewing. I often say the one common factor we have together is we love each other very much.

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