Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet Carlos

The kids call him Pops, the grand kids call him Granpie, his students call him "Mr. O", and me, well he's just my Carlos.

He actually could start a blog of his own as he has a story to tell. Born in Peru, came to the United States in the 60's and we married shorty there after.

Carlos works at an all girls school close to our home where he has taught for many years. He does not teach anymore but still works at the school as their sub-teacher, is in charge of the AV Room, and started the school's very first, all girls, Mariachi Band. He is just so proud of them and will talk about them for as long as you will listen.

Carlos is the biggest fan of my quilting. Good, bad or ugly he loves it all. When I go on my quilting retreats there is always a surprise waiting for me when I get home. Usually this is new flowers in the garden, one time a water fall in the garden....but this last retreat he told me over the phone I was coming home to three green accent walls in three of our rooms. EEEEEEEEEEEEK. I have to tell you I was a bit worried, but I loved them. All is good.

He is a very caring and loving person. He treats everyone with equal respect and he is loved by everyone.

I think our biggest and greatest accomplishment together would be our children, Alicia, Michael and Marcus. Let me show you why, next blog.

Pamela O.


  1. Love what is happening on your blog Pam. We are all getting some life lessons here.

  2. mom, I love your blog, you write really well and you are very creative with your quilts...too bad I hate to sew but maybe your granddaughter Olivia will be you partner, I just think it's too boring, I want an end result quickly and you know me, I have no not the hobby for me.


Thanks so much for you comment, I love that you stopped by to read my Blog.