Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I got carried away....again

Ok, so this is what happened. I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Malinda Quilts ETC. a few weeks back. One of her sewing friends was sick and so a pillow case was made for her to cheer her up. I could almost see the smile on her face when she received it and thought what a very nice thing to do.

At the same time I was reading that, I thought about my friend Terri's Mom who had just taken an awful fall and ended up in the hospital. So I pulled some bright fabric from my stash and made this one for her. Love the colors and hope it too brought a smile to her face.

After I finished, I just started pulling fabric and cutting pillow cases kits. I have made so many of these and it's a great way to cut down some of your stash. I actually have never saved any for me to have. I usually make them for my grand kids and have made them for gifts.

I got carried away, again.

These are the ones I finished. Most are for children and a few Christmas. This time I'll keep a few on hand for when the grand kids spend the night.
The thing I noticed after pulling all that fabric, it really didn't make much of a dent in my stash. . Hmmmm

Pam O.


  1. DID get carried away. Love them all.

  2. Pam, what a nice and thoughtful thing to do for Terri's Mom. I'm sure she loved it.

  3. Pam, I think it's a great idea to have these on hand. I plan to copy your idea after the first of the year ;o)


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