Sunday, October 24, 2010

On the cutting mat for this week.

I actually have a few things on the cutting mat on this week. I have made a little something out of these beautiful fall fabrics. I only have the quilting to do and then it will be ship off to a far away place. I'll post a picture sometime in mid-November and the story behind it. Stay tuned.

The other project I have on the cutting map is...I finally have picked the project for the Wednesday Wackos annual Christmas Gift. YEAH!! I'll post pictures of those sometime mid-December. Stay tuned.
Guess it's that time of the year..full of surprises!!!!!!!

However, these are a couple of Table Toppers I quickly put together trying to use up some 5" squares and practice my machine quilting on. Kinda of cute and good practice for me. Not sure who I'll be giving these to...have a few more of these to do.
Have a good quilting week,
Pam O

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  1. You have been busy Pam. Your table toppers turned out cute. Frances will be proud of your doing practice pieces.


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