Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break...time to sew!!!!

I had my grand daughter's, Madison and Olivia, over to sew the other day.

They are getting so much better with their sewing.  They made these, what I call thread catchers, for their Mom's.  Now I know their Mom's will not use these as thread catchers as they do not sew...but I'm sure they will find something to put in them.

Because they were spending the night, I took them to Jo Ann's and had them pick out the fabric to make their PJ's to sleep in.  Aren't they just so cute.

It was a fun afternoon, they were very tired by the end of the day for sure. They both got cozy in their PJ's and we watch "We Bought a  Zoo" and ate Rocky Road ice cream the rest of the evening.

Love my grand daughters...fun day.


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