Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Candle Mat - sending (3 of 3)

When I first starting blogging, in 2009, I wrote you could find my quilts all over the globe, Peru, France, Spain, Canada. It's not that I am famous quilter by any means, it just that we have friends and family in these countries. Well, I can now add Norway. As not to give away the element of surprise, I won't give out the name and think there are several participates for the swap from Norway.
I had a really good time with my first on line swap. My partner wanted Fall fabrics in oranges, greens and beige's...so this is what I picked for her.
I'm not the best machine quilter so fell back on my old standard of straight lines. I found a great fall color, variegated, thread to use and think it all worked well in the mat. I used some cute little fall buttons in the four corners to add a slight accent.

Using Fabric Sheets for the label, I sewed the final touch on the back.

Sending any additional goodies was not required. However, I have been making some Snappy Bags and thought my partner would like one made from the left over fabric, and as not to waste any fabric, I also made her a pin cushion out of the salvages.

This has been great fun and look forward to another Swap.
To my new found friend in Norway, I hope you enjoy your Candle Mat!!!!
Always quilt with love and passion,
Pam O.


  1. Pam, I love the label you made, it's just perfect.

  2. Wow! Your mat is lovely pam. Thanks for your comments today on my blogspot. Do you get autumn in your part of the world like we do!

  3. Great job Pammy! So fun to see your first swap turn out so well.

  4. Hi Pam,

    Your mat is beautiful! How fun your labels are.
    Line swap sounds like alot of fun. What interesting people you must meet. You do such beautiful work!


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