Monday, November 1, 2010

Candle Mat received (2 of 3)

Dearest Karen,
I was so excited when I received my Candle Mat. It could not have come on a better day. I'm going to post extra pictures of this as I wanted my friends to see the work that went into it.... and I know they will say, "Oh, that is so Pammy".
I absolutely love the French/English fabrics you picked and the embroidery and hand quilting made it very special, something I will cherish forever and ever. I love embroidery!!!!
The Candle Mat now sits by my front door. I love the compliments I get and the story I can tell about it.
Because my blog is about family and quilting, I will tell this could not have come on a better day. Our youngest son, Marcus, has taken on a new job in his life, something both my husband and I are very very proud of.
Marcus, left this weekend for six months of training. We had just gotten home from saying our good-bys and wishing him well and I had some tears (happy tears of course), when I found my package in my mail and opened definitely brought a BIG SMILE back to my face.

Karen, thank you so very much for my Candle Mat. I love love love it.
I now have a new quilting friend from the U.K.
Standby, next posting of the one I'm sending out.
Always quilt with love and passion,
Pam O


  1. Oh I am so pleased that you love it! It comes with very many best wishes from the lovely to think that it is now so far away and bringing joy to a quilter in another place! Enjoy it...and keep in touch! xxx

  2. Oh it IS so you Pammy. To whoever made this for Pammy, she will cherrish it forever. Bring it on Wednesday Pam.


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