Monday, February 15, 2010

I WON!!!

My very very first on-line win and I'm so excited. Melinda, who is the sister of my friend Robin, had a giveaway in November, or maybe it was December on her blog and I entered and WON.

This is such a cute pin cushion made from salvages and backed in red fabric. The best part, I have a collection of pin cushions, this will be added as one of my special ones.

Melinda is one of the busiest quilters I follow. She is a long arm quilter, a teacher of quilting and blogs it all to share with us.

For this giveaway, I think there were to be three winners, however, once the deadline was met, she decided to make and give one to everyone who entered. How sweet was that??

(this was a prior posting, deleted by mistake)

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