Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting started:

I am a wife, a Mom, a Mema to six grandchildren, a friend to all
and I love to quilt.

Well that's it in a nut shell. I have been a wife for forty years, I'm a Mom to three great people, and have six beautiful grandchildren that call me Mema. I am a friend to all and have many that I hold very very close to my heart.

I started to sew when I was around eight years old, taught by my grandmother mostly. Started with hand work, went on to make clothes and I'm now into quilting.

I belong to two quilt groups, Quilters by the Sea (QBS) in Long Beach and Wednesday Wacko's

You will see me write a lot about the Wednesday Wacko's. There are twelve of us now, a friendship group that was started a few years back. I always say, I'm a Charter Member as I was in the first class where we met and started the group. We meet every Wednesday, we are all at different quilting levels and I love learning from each and every one of them.

Blogging is new to me for sure, not sure how far this will go.

Tune in for the next posting (maybe it's click in).


  1. Wahoo Pam! Welcome to the world of Blogging. See you Wednesday from another charter member, Marilyn

  2. WOW...think you are my first hit on my Blog!!!

  3. What a wonderful job you did, Pam! Margie O

  4. Pam...I am very impressed...I love your blog..

    Natalia speaking: I love the welcome to usa quilt, it was very fabulous. It surprised me. You are very good at making blankets. The one you made for me that says "I love you, Mema" I love the most. When I first slept in it, it was very cozy, like if I was cuddling with you and my favorite blanket. Love Natalia

  5. i love your blog meems! i think my favortie quilt is the one i use when i come over to your house and spend he night. the one with the lambies and the soft polkda-dotted fabric! anyways cant wait to see whats next on your blog!

    love megs

  6. I like the new look...It's really cute..


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